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  • Intervention Specialties

    Eric is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Board Certified Professional Interventionist that specializes in Intervention services for addicted individuals, addicts, alcoholics, and their families.

    Eric has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills to utilize in getting addicts and alcoholics to treatment or rehab. His expertise in working with alcoholics, addicts, and their families who have been impacted by this deadly disease is beyond reproach. He is well-versed and experienced in providing a variety of different interventions. ER Interventions provides alcohol interventions, drug interventions, mental health interventions, gambling addiction interventions, shopping, and food addiction interventions, gaming addiction interventions, and sex and porn addiction interventions.

    At ER Interventions, I strongly believe in strengthening the entire family system and educating the families on boundaries, codependency, and addiction. My goal is to create and motivate change to promote long-term recovery for the addict and their family. I strive to enact change on the entire family system and believe that everyone in the family needs to make changes for sustainable and long-term recovery.

    Please reach out today for a free consultation if you feel you and your family could benefit from my services.