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  • ER Interventions and Therapy Services Reviews


    Wow! That’s all I can say about the miracle among miracles that happened after we decided to seek out an INTERVENTION for our beloved daughter/sister/friend. We knew the intervention would be tough and that it might be our last chance, and boy were we right! It was challenging, yet Eric was so calm, professional, empathetic and incredibly patient during the process. His clinical expertise, confidence and leadership qualities are superb. The fact that he’s a Licensed Therapist and Interventionist sets him apart from the rest. From the moment we talked to Eric after being referred to him for the first time in a long while we felt more optimistic, motivated and most of all hopeful. Eric gave us the HOPE we’d lost to get our loved one back and we did! She is doing great, what a transformation! She has nothing but positive things to say about the intervention process now that she’s been in treatment for several months, she’s extremely grateful for Eric and how he fought for her and his unwavering support for her recovery from mental health, trauma and addiction. She said “seeing Eric fight for me like he did and his unwillingness to give up on me made me realize maybe my life is worth fighting for.” From the bottom of our hearts Eric, we say THANK YOU for helping not only our loved one but all of us as well!

    You told us it wasn’t just an intervention on her but on the family system and you were right! It was just what we needed. What a transformation and I truly do not think we would have gotten her there without your help! Thank you and if you ever think your loved one needs an INTERVENTION call Eric ASAP because it’s the greatest gift you can give your loved one. The gift of recovery and life!!!


    My son returned from combat deeply traumatized, ashamed and unwilling to seek treatment. He spent many years trying a little of this and a little of that – anything to avoid admitting that he was traumatized, and too little to make a significant improvement. My family feared his anger and capacity for self-harm. We saw small improvements in some areas, but no reduction in the mountain of pain he carried. His therapist said, “but he’ll never go to treatment – he’ll just run, probably become homeless. You’ll never see him again.” However, the quality of his life was so low, we felt we had (and he had) nothing to lose in trying an intervention – and Eric was recommended.

    Eric’s advice to the family was spot on. A family might encounter this situation once – so much emotion riding on each word that it’s hard to concentrate and make a best effort. But Eric’s not balled up in the personal dynamics, he’s seen hundreds of interventions, he’s unflappable and he closes the deal. It’s a calling for him, a response to his own painful loss. He’s dogged, yet charming.

    When we did the intervention, of course my son responded with irritation and push-back. Nevertheless, we persisted with Eric’s deeply emotional, amazingly powerful plan and leadership.

    Not only did Eric encourage my son out of the living room and onto the plane that day, he gave him a pep talk on the plane. By the time he reached the treatment center, my son was optimistic and seemed willing to invest in himself – be vulnerable, be curious, be open to trying it all. To not only get him to a treatment center, but have him optimistic and willing to give it a good try – felt like a miracle.

    I was terrified and desperate going into this – and I feel like I’ve set down a weight I didn’t even know I was carrying – because I’ve been carrying it since I learned my son had volunteered for combat. I feel 10 years younger.

    My son was worth every bit of this – I’m so glad we could give him what he deserved!

    Taylor D

    Eric, you were Godsend to our family and especially our loved one and her children, it’s because of you she’s alive today and the kids have their mom back. We all our so grateful, and will be forever indebted to you!! Thank you from the bottom of or hearts! Eric, you truly have a gift with others and we’re just grateful you blessed us with it! If you’re looking for an interventionist for your loved one, Call Eric immediately! Not only is he an amazing human being, he’s the best interventionist out there and we’ve had more than one unfortunately, so we know! This wouldn’t have been possible without your knowledge and direction, Eric! The kids say thank you for giving them their mom back!

    Lauren C

    Eric Rhinehart is nothing short of a miracle worker. I hired him to facilitate my adult son’s mental health intervention. What soon became apparent as we planned and strategized is that another of my family members was in even more dire need of help, and worse still, that other family member’s issues stood to obstruct my son’s intervention, with potentially irreversible consequences, had they not been dealt with swiftly, skillfully, and compassionately.

    Eric helped me to understand, sort through, emotionally cope with, and logistically handle these high stakes, high tension dynamics, one after the other as they played out on a 24/7 basis over the course of a seemingly endless week. I have no idea how or when Eric slept or ate because we kept him busy literally nonstop. Yet he never lost his composure, never took his eye off the ball, never once had me doubting that we could pull this motley crew of highly educated narcissists (myself included) together for the sake of my son and my family as a whole.

    As it turned out, in spite of the traumatic and difficult leadup, my son’s intervention was as painless as I can imagine an intervention would ever be. In fact, only two out of around a dozen people on the overall intervention team even had to read their letter to my son.

    This is because Eric recognized that these two people were so important to my son that they alone could turn the tide. Indeed, they did. As it turned out, my son agreed to treatment after hearing from just these two, and off he and Eric went — across the country on a red-eye bound for Arizona. I knew my son was safe with Eric, and I slept better that night than I have in months and months.

    The fact that Eric is not just an intervention facilitator, but also a therapist, makes an enormous difference, I believe. In addition, Eric also brings something else to the table that I can’t quite put into words — but it’s along the lines of a preternatural talent for reading people and situations, knowing exactly what is needed in any given moment, and, most importantly, knowing how to make what needs to happen, happen.

    In short, Eric was tasked with wrangling an extraordinarily challenging family filled with very strong personalities in order to get my son into treatment. He fought for my son, he fought for all of us and all of our various needs and demands, and he did so with kindness and empathy. And since the intervention, he has continued to support us, for which I am eternally grateful.

    I am confident that whatever your family’s issues may be, that Eric Rhinehart can sort through them and get your family member the help they need. I would recommend Eric to ANYONE as a therapist or a coach, or, of course, as an interventionist. I feel lucky, blessed, and beyond grateful that Eric came into our lives.

    Jeanette S.

    For over five years I had been trying to get my husband to treatment. His alcohol addiction had become very severe. I had slowly become abandoned by friends and family. I was all alone and out of hope, but then I received Eric’s information. When I first spoke with Eric, he came across as very caring, knowledgeable, and well educated. He listened to my frustrations and then offered me hope. He explained to me the way that addiction had changed my husband’s brain, and yes he did need help. He encouraged me by telling me of his successful intervention process and explained what the process would entail. He was the voice and support I needed to get through this agonizing pain. The guidance that came next, was swift, but not too overwhelming because he unfolded his plan in small segments that were perfectly timed and well organized.

    Prior to the intervention, Eric met with my 3 teenage kids and I. The education Eric provided to my kids was so important for them to hear, not only in understanding their dad’s addiction, but also of their inherent risk that they too could face someday. He educated us on alcoholism and addiction as a family disease and my kids all felt an understanding that their pain was heard and understood. He was friendly and personable. By the end of the meeting, Eric had my kids’ trust and respect and more importantly had inadvertently intervened on my oldest son who had been struggling himself. Eric knew my son was struggling and used his unassuming approach to intervene on him. My son also began IOP treatment after the intervention. He asked them to write a letter to their dad that would be used in the intervention process. The instruction and format were simple, yet powerful. The next morning our emotions were high, but Eric confidently led us through step by step, intervening counsel, providing education and support when needed. We couldn’t have done it without him. He guided us through an emotionally intense experience that transformed my husband’s heart into submitting to his need for help. Eric then escorted my husband to an out of state rehab facility. A huge burden was lifted from all of us that day. Eric went above and beyond for us and you can tell he has a “Gift” and those who are fortunate enough to meet Eric know just what I mean. Words cannot express our gratitude and sincere appreciation for Eric’s job that he did. We thank you for bringing my husband and their father back from the pits of addiction. My kids and I now say “NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES” at least not “ours.” Thank you, Eric!

    Miriam Cahn

    Eric Rhinehart did an amazing and excellent job as an interventionist in my 23 year old grandson’s case. He worked with a number of close family members and friends of my grandson. It was a difficult and it was an incredible process to get agreement from all the family members. Eric knew what to say, how to arrange meetings and orchestrate the intervention itself, and his efforts were resoundingly successful. My grandson is now in treatment and has agreed to the process, with optimism. I am so grateful. This intervention may very well have saved my grandson’s life.

    Thank you, Eric Rhinehart


    My sister was suffering from major depressive disorder. We tried everything to get her into treatment, but we were unsuccessful. We hired Eric to assist us. Our intervention lasted 8 hours and I firmly believe we would not have been successful without Eric. He prepared and guided us through every step of the process. My sister has just completed her second month of treatment and I can say I have my sister back. She is going to be ok. I don’t even want to think about where we would be without Eric’s help. Even after she went to treatment he continued to answer our questions and give us guidance. We are so very grateful for Eric.

    Katie M

    I cannot imagine going through the intervention process without Eric. We have never been through anything like this before and Eric was so knowledgeable, compassionate and reassuring. He is an expert in this field and he is truly gifted at connecting with people, making everyone comfortable and guiding people to accept the help that they need. My sister was resistant to treatment when we suggested it on our own but Eric’s method worked so well she agreed to go within an hour and checked in that night. Eric looked at the family system, how it was affecting my sister and helped all of us approach her with love, care and concern. Eric was especially skillful at helping my sister’s children prepare for and participate in the intervention without it being traumatic. He knew how to help the kids open up and share how the situation affected them and he reassured them that this was not their fault. They all want to keep talking to him! My sister is doing well in treatment and we are beyond grateful for Eric’s expertise.

    Mary Wilson

    Hiring Eric to conduct the intervention for my sister was the best choice I could possibly have made. While it was difficult, Eric managed it very professionally. It was successful, and my sister is now in treatment. Based on his 20 years of experience in both counselling and treatment for addiction, his time working with the Betty Ford Center, and through providing therapy services as LMFT therapist, Eric has developed a love-based Intervention Program that was really helpful to me and to our family. We were very impressed at how hard he worked to get to know our family, and to understand the history of my sister’s addiction. In our case, my sister’s addiction led to cognitive challenges that we couldn’t really understand because it was all mixed in with her abuse of alcohol. This made the process more challenging for all of us. Eric helped us prepare for the intervention by advising us about writing letters to our sister for use during the intervention. He also conducted an extensive pre-intervention meeting for all participants in the intervention, and made it possible for those who could not travel to the event to instead participate via Zoom, so that all our voices were heard. He helped us identify the pieces of our experience with our sister that would most resonate with her, and that would be most helpful in encouraging her to seek help.

    There were unexpected, complicating factors that arose once the intervention actually started. Eric was masterful in managing conflict, and in keeping everyone oriented to the task at hand. He was extremely polite, respectful, and calm, even in the face of a fair bit of chaos being hurled his way. We were amazed at his focus, and his ability to move the process along by tracking each little gain along the way, then using it to build toward the next step. To orchestrate a successful intervention is impressive enough, but when you add in my sister’s cognitive challenges along the way, it was incredible. Eric was able to “read” her reactions and craft the process accordingly.

    It’s clear that saving individuals and families is Eric’s true passion. The process worked beautifully for my sister, and going through it also resulted in some personal growth for me. I came to better understand my relationship with my sister, and found healthier ways to manage the stress around the situation. It’s a very nice benefit! Eric’s commitment to the wellbeing of his clients is clear; he invited us to follow-up with him about my sister’s progress in treatment. I cannot recommend him highly enough – he’s the best!

    Leticia P

    Eric Rhinehart orchestrated my intervention this year. Although I was fearful and resistant to the idea of going into a rehab program, with Eric’s warm demeanor, compassion, and ability to help express my family’s love, I agreed to his plan for me. I am more than grateful for him and his wisdom. Eric treated me with the utmost respect and kindness. He has incredible insight and was able to get through to me. I thank God for bringing him into my life.

    Darryl Santa

    First off, I wish I would have done an intervention a long time ago! I encourage you to not wait and act NOW so you can spare you, your family and your loved one the additional pain and suffering everyone goes through when there is active substance abuse! Eric’s intervention process was just what we needed. When he says he has a 100% success rate, it is for real. Eric’s intervention style is to work with the entire family to make long term changes and we couldn’t be more thankful. With his guidance, preparation and instructions we were able to get my wife to detox and when she got there she immediately left the place and refused to stay. Eric prepared us to set hard boundaries and consequences that empowered our family to be a united family force to fight for my children’s mother and my wife and because of Eric’s guidance, leadership, compassion and natural ability to connect with others we were successful in getting her to go back and stay. Thank you Eric and most of all thank you God for reaching down and empowering my family to do the intervention. ERIC AND HIS INTERVENTION PROCESS SAVED OUR LOVED ONE’S LIFE. My wife is sober, and working a recovery program! I highly recommend Eric! We are forever grateful for Eric! Don’t hesitate, do an intervention!

    Mary Ortenburger

    I cannot recommend Eric enough for intervention services. His genuine care, the amount of time and preparation he provides, and his systemic and thorough approach resulted in far better outcomes than we could have imagined for an intervention of love. He is deeply passionate about his work, and it shines through from start to finish. Eric was consistently available, strategic, thoughtful, and extremely caring throughout the process. His sole focus throughout the intervention was on the entire system involved, and his optimism and confidence kept us all grounded through a very stressful process of trying to obtain support for our family member. After speaking with several interventionists, I cannot be more grateful for finding our way to Eric to move our loved one to a place of healing. We will continue our work with Eric throughout this process, and have full trust in his skills, abilities, as well as his care for us all. He is highly professional, wonderful with family systems, and overall just an amazing human being. As a licensed psychotherapist specializing in trauma, I am very selective of who I choose for treatment providers, especially for my family. My trust in Eric’s and his therapeutic work is solid, which speaks volumes about both his clinical skills and his empathic gifts as a treatment provider.

    Candace Callahan

    Eric has given us hope for our daughter’s sobriety. Through his tireless and compassionate care throughout the intervention, Eric accomplished what I had come to believe impossible. She is now in the care of a well-respected rehabilitation center. I believe he is a miracle worker and a blessing from the universe for which I will be forever grateful.

    Shannon M.

    Eric was an absolute godsend during the most difficult of times. I reached out to him in a state of pure desperation on Thanksgiving Day. He left his own family’s celebration to call me back immediately. The very next afternoon, he conducted a successful intervention on our loved one and drove with us to rehab 2.5 hours away. His “workday” started on a holiday and did not end until 3am one and half days later. Not only did he convince our alcoholic/addict to get the help that he needed, but he also coached all of us family members before and after the intervention; he gave us a backbone during our weakest moments. He has made himself available to ask all the endless questions that come up during this rocky journey. He has a very tactical, yet kind approach and we will continue to work with him for family therapy. I cannot speak highly enough about Eric/ER Interventions and would be happy to personally share more of my experience with any potential clients that would like to hear more.

    Beverly Ramsey

    Eric staged a masterful intervention for my son, who was headed for possible suicide. Our family will be forever grateful for his compassion,professionalism, experience shown towards our son. He is very connected to professionals that helped orchestrate the urgent intervention. In short time, he instilled trust so that my son willingly was escorted to an appropriate rehab facility. Eric is so skilled as an interventionist and therapist.It is his calling. We are forever thankful for his help. He is a true hero.

    L B

    Eric is a great person. He is truly saving lives. He is compassionate, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and patient. He helped our family with an intervention for a family member. It wasn’t an easy case as our loved one is extremely hard headed. Initially, they refused to go to treatment. So Eric helped us enforce healthy boundaries and always provided support anytime we needed. I’m happy to report that after several months, our loved one finally decided to accept treatment and Eric was still there.Thank you Eric!

    Joel Patterson

    Eric Cares. I mean he really cares. He did an intervention for my family. He was professional, relaxed, and fit in like he belonged. He was observant and very good at what he does. That is because he cares. He loves the people he helps. I watched him get choked up as we read our letters. Someone who has been through as many of these as him would get like that because he CARES. I would recommend him to anyone. We called he came FAST.
    THANK GOD For giving Eric this gift.

    Gina Esteras

    Eric is amazing. 9:30 p.m. at night we had a conversation by 6:00 a.m. the next morning he was flying out to Fresno to do an intervention for my sister. By 12:00 that day we had an intervention and by 3:00 that afternoon she was on her way to inpatient programming. I will never be able to say how grateful I am to Eric for his Speedy action and his generous heart. I’m so thankful that he decided to be a part of the process and help my sister get back on track with her life. And with confidence we can say that he still has 100% success rate. Everyone doubted this process and was confident that my sister would not take the help being offered. I had absolute faith not only in God but in this process as I am a 14-year recovering addict. My only hope is that with this me and my sister can share many more years together in life. She means the world to me and there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for her. I am blessed that Eric saw this and did everything that he could to make it happen.

    Lennon Stacey

    I tried to do an intervention on my own and it took hours and only made matters worse. Thanks to professional guidance, the process was successful and healing not only for my friend, but for myself. I will forever be grateful.

    Marco Reyes

    To preface I’d like to say:
    Addiction is not a joke; being lost in this world while in the grasp of any substance is a sickness that can only be cured through hard work and understanding. If you or a loved one are looking for help wrestling addiction and find yourself reading this review I’d say you came to the right place.

    The intervention process is not one that is fun, well timed or convenient for anyone involved and I don’t think it could ever be considered enjoyable but with the help of Eric my family and I were able to persuade my cousin, “P”, to seek treatment and take the steps necessary for brightening her future; a future free from drugs and alcohol.

    I was very worried about my cousin “P” for a good 2 years before she reached a point where it was apparent to me and various other friends and family she needed help if she had any hope of recovery.
    At this point everyone who cares about her was trying to say or do the “right thing” trying to make her make a change for herself but the reality of the situation was is we simply did not have the tools to do so on our own.

    “P’s” mother contacted me when she had made contact with Eric and he was able to streamline this seemingly impossible process into something that was not only comprehensible but inclusive and empowering.
    There was a pre-intervention meeting
    (I’d call it a small work-shop or course: no homework no study just vital information)
    that summarized the purpose of what we were about to participate in as well as familiarized us all with the psychological tools we would be using to persuade my cousin to better herself.
    Like I said the process was not enjoyable in any way, shape or form but it was necessary and by the grace of goodness it was a success.
    My cousin “P” is now, from the time I am writing this, at least halfway if not more through a 90 day recovery program to turn her life around and I’m full of relief and happiness knowing she’s starting on a better path.
    I credit a HUGE part of this process being successful to Eric. He had the passion, knowledge and the connections to help it play out the way it did.

    I’m sure every case is different but if someone who you care about is struggling with addiction and you’re seeking help I would bet my reputation to recommend this intervention program.
    There is no shame in seeking help and trying is the best thing you can do. Even if you think you only need advice or someone to help you take on this type of situation I would reach out to a professional and Eric is the professional I recommend.

    Personal take aways I suggest if going through this process of trying to help a loved one struggling with addiction:
    -Stay Strong-Be Honest- Seek Help- Breathe- Respect all who are involved-
    I hope this is useful to anyone who reads it.
    Have an amazing day and thank you for reading.

    Danette Sanders

    Ya know when you have a true master of their trade when they make the work look easy. Eric is a master of his trade.
    Our family is so riddled with alcoholics that if you are a functional alcoholic, you are considered successful. The day of the intervention, I thought, putting us all together in the same room was a recipe for disaster. The intervention was very intense and charged with high emotions. I decided to put 911 on speed dail just in case. Eric managed to deal with everyone of us on our own level. He actually had us all working and pulling together. The end results is my niece is in treatment and we have learned how to become better people. Thank you Eric, you truely are an angel among us.

    Neil Perlow

    If you’re reading this you’re probably familiar with the devastation that surrounds addiction and you’ve reached a point where you just don’t know what to do about it. You’ve heard about intervention and you wonder if it works, and specifically if Eric Rhinehart is the person up to the job. I can only relate my experience. It’s a difficult process. There’s no guarantee. . . . . . . no magic . . . . . . . just hard work and determination to follow the process and listen carefully to the guidance Eric provides. Eric brings knowledge, experience, and the compassion that’s needed. The intervention that I participated in was intense. It went off the rails within three minutes and I can honestly say, that if Eric wasn’t there, it would have ended then. But Eric managed to get “C” to come back and participate. And the ups and downs continued for hours and each time, Eric was able to finesse the situation. I was pessimistic that “C” would commit to going to an addiction center but, somehow, Eric managed to get him to agree. And I can’t say enough about Eric and the skill that he showed in the process. The next morning Eric and I drove “C” to the addiction center. It was a huge step, but it wasn’t the end. As Eric schooled us, there was no guarantee that “C” would complete the process. He could walk out at any time since he was there on his own free will. But Eric also told us that it was up to us to stand firm and tell “C” that he couldn’t come home until he was clean. Ten hours later, “C” walked out of the addiction center. He tried to come home that night and we told him not to or we would call the police. He called twice the next day and tried to convince his mother to let him come home and she stood strong and told him no. Two more days went by and he called again, this time to say he was going back into the addiction center and he promised to complete the program. Eric stayed in contact, even after the intervention, to provide whatever support he could for us and it is deeply appreciated. So as to the question, would I recommend Eric, that would be a resounding yes.

    Kobe Bennett

    Eric saved one of our family members lives. Can’t express how grateful we all are!

    Natalie LeGrand

    Eric is an amazing interventionist. Really helped my family.

    Jolynn Wiversoll

    Our family reached out to Eric about a month ago to help facilitate an intervention to get my brother-in-law into a treatment facility. My brother-in-law is in his 60’s and suffers from a 40+ year addiction.
    I have to admit that I was very skeptical about Eric being able to convince my brother-in-law to enter a treatment facility since he’s lived most of his adult life addicted. But Eric’s skill set is phenomenal, he knows exactly what to say and how to handle every excuse/problem thrown his way. He not only helped my brother-in-law, but he was really there for our family, and provided safe and nurturing support for all of us to help deal with this stressful situation.
    If you’re wondering if you really need someone like Eric to help get your loved one into treatment…the answer is YES! My brother-in-law would have never entered recovery on his own!
    Update: My brother-in-law just reached the 30 day mark for in-house treatment. He was prepared to leave the facility, despite the desperate need for him to continue with the treatment plan. Eric stepped in today and working with the treatment facility he helped my brother-in-law to see that additional treatment is needed and my brother-in-law agreed to stay in treatment!!!
    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much Eric for the love and support and hope you have given our family!

    Sandra Wiversoll

    My experience with Eric has been nothing short of a miracle……my husband had been a alcoholic and drug addict for many many years and our family decided to do a intervention. Thank God we chose Eric to handle this difficult task …..I know we would have had a different outcome if he was not there …he is the most knowledgeable compassionate therapist I have ever encountered…..he listens to every word we said and knew exactly how to handle the situation… husband. Agreed to rehab in the first 30 minutes of the intervention….I know if we had not wrote the letters that Eric had us read and approach the intervention in the way he does it my husband would have not gone and it would of been a very bad situation….I highly recommend Eric ……

    Kristina Reed

    We called Eric to help with our adolescent daughter who was experiencing a substance abuse crisis. Eric has a very effective system with which he directs the intervention. He is an extremely determined person who gets to the point and takes action. Adolescent interventions inherently are more difficult due to the special considerations taken with regard to their individual rights. Throughout this ordeal we ran into many obstacles which required that we shift the direction we were going in. This was an incredibly emotional and draining time for myself and my family. Eric was our guiding light throughout the whole process. Eric was able to communicate to my daughter’s father, which has helped him to begin the journey of opening up the doors to better communication with our daughter. We had a pretty complicated situation and Eric was able to communicate with many different parties and coordinate and accommodate everyone involved. He truly has found his calling, his tenacity blended with his education and experience create an environment that is highly likely to produce positive outcomes. I am happy to report that my daughter did agree to go to treatment and is doing really well in her current placement. I highly recommend Eric to help your family out with this difficult and stressful journey, there is no way we would have had this outcome without him.

    Mary J

    Eric came highly recommended when we were faced with having to do an intervention on our son, who was suffering with substance abuse issues. Eric was professional, kind, compassionate , extremely knowledgeable, and knew exactly when and how to approach the situation in order to get our son the help he needed. Eric has a tremendous amount of insight, and experience helping those suffering from addictions, which comes from his years of experience working at one of the best drug addiction programs in our country. With Eric’s help, our son finally made the commitment to get the help he needed. Eric genuinely cares about the people and families he helps, and checks in intermittently to see how our son is doing. I can’t thank Eric enough for all of his help, compassion, patience, and expertise in navigating this difficult situation. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for help when trying to get family member or friend into treatment.

    Michael Barnett

    This man is a miracle worker. We had an especially difficult case because we live far away and all our son’s friends are involved with drugs, so Eric had to do the intervention alone. It took him several days, but he never gave up. He managed to convince our son to go to treatment, found a good place for him to go, moved him out of his apartment, arranged a safe place to park his car, followed him to Palm Springs and checked him in after 2 a.m. When we first contacted Eric, I was emotionally overwrought and thought this was impossible. At every step, Eric was calm, reassuring, kind and caring in every way. No words can describe what he has done for our family. We cannot recommend him enough.

    Cindy Mayo

    I had an emergency intervention done on my daughter. It was done outside the emergency room of a hospital. She had left the hospital against medical advice. I was so fortunate that Eric was available. From the moment he said his first words to my daughter, I felt a burden being lifted from my shoulders. He was calm and caring and was able to get her to go to another hospital. It was quite the journey, but Eric handled it all professionally and with patience and compassion. He also supported me throughout the ordeal. I will forever be grateful for his help and advice. If you need an interventionist or therapist, Eric is the BEST!

    Simin M

    Eric is truly a miracle worker. He is a highly experienced and knowledgeable interventionist. He has tremendously helped my family in finding hope in a hopeless situation. With his guidance, my family was able to come together and formulate a strategy to show our addict that we will no longer be held hostage by his detrimental behavior. What stands out most about him is that he’s a licensed therapist and was able to patiently and compassionately lead my family into creating healthy and necessary boundaries for my brother. With these boundaries set in place and our newfound strength and unity as a family, my brother decided to finally accept help and is now in a rehabilitation center. We are eternally grateful for his guidance and HIGHLY recommend him to anyone seeking therapy or an intervention.

    Marc Strehlke

    I had a great experience working with Eric. My wife had a history in substance abuse/alcoholism, we separated and I was informed she relapsed. We share a 4 year old daughter so I considered it an emergency when I found this out. I reached out to Eric and told him how time sensitive it was. In only three days we worked together to set up a treatment facility, contact all the family members who could help, have a sit down meeting with everyone to plan out the structure and approach of the intervention, book flights and finally hold an almost 11 hour intervention.

    The intervention showed me Eric’s persistence and dedication to his job. His goal was set on getting her to the help she needed but did not want. We followed her across town, called in more people to help, and changed flights at least three times. It was quite a day. Several times myself and my wife’s mom lost patience with it, but Eric pushed to continue.

    I’m glad I went with Eric. It did not end up working out with me and my wife, but we got her in treatment and did our part. Having her in there helped me a lot to work through everything myself and figure out what I needed to do for myself. So, without Eric I would not have reached this personal clarity; I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Matt Schane

    Eric is a true life saver we appreciate everything you did to help my sister heather on short notice. We are so glad we brought you in to help us out. Thank you Eric

    Louise Mettler

    Erick is an AMAZING interventionist! He worked with our family during an extremely difficult time, and helped us lovingly comunicate our concerns, and bottom lines with our relative who struggles with substance use disorder. I believe that Erick saved my family member’s life.

    Erick educated every member of our family unit and made us feel supported throughout the process. Erick answered our calls and texts, and pulled the intervention together quickly as circumstances changed. He went the extra mile to find a treatment center that accepted her insurance, and kept in communication with us after she entered treatment.

    Our relative chose to leave treatment, and Erick again supported us through the difficult process of detaching with love. Erick has helped me get back to living my life, and has been a blessing to our family.

    Sharom Healey

    Eric did a phenomenal job. I do not know what I would have done without his expertise. He’s caring, compassionate and knows what to do every step of the way. I am so very blessed to have found Eric Rhinehart.If you need an intervention, he’s the one.
    Thank you Eric.

    Brittany Georggin

    Eric is the BEST! For some reason, we (the family) thought we could stage our own intervention on my fiancé who struggles with drug addiction. It turned out horrible. In fact made things worse. It got so bad, my fiancé at one point locked himself in a room and refused to come out or talk to anyone. That’s when Eric stepped in. We are so lucky that he helped us out, so last minute. He came in, got a game plan together, got all of us mentally on the same page with the goal of, we need to get him help. Eric is so caring, patient, compassionate and the only one who got through to him. His energy is non-threatening, his tone is calm and he knows how to handle difficult situations. I don’t know what we would have done without him! Because of Eric , my fiancé is now completing a 90 day treatment. Thank you so much Eric!

    Kyle Mettler

    Eric did a great job getting us prepared to do an intervention, and executing it.

    Once my sister figured out that she was entering her intervention she took off down the street to her close by apartment. She was distraught and yelling obscenities at us. Eric and I followed her down the street, his patience and understanding on how to approach an attic was spectacular! He not only got her to let us into her apartment to talk, he talked her into going back to the intervention and to listen her family who cares about her.

    Once back at the intervention he steered the ship letting us know to share how we felt and to read our letters we prepared. My sister then agreed to take part in inpatient rehab. Eric did his research and found one facility that would help her work towards reuniting with her own child. This was a very stressful situation we wouldn’t of been able to navigate without Eric’s professional experience!

    michael rudolphsen

    Eric is simply amazing. He helped guide my family through a very difficult time with a family member struggling with addiction and mental illness.

    Eric staged an intervention for this family member that would have certainly gone belly up had we just tried it ourselves. He is patient, flexible, and a great communicator. He is also fantastic at de-escalation.

    Eric is wonderful to talk to as well, we’ll continue to use him for family therapy in the future.

    Lindsey T

    I had the privilege of meeting Eric Rhinehart with ER Interventions and I cannot put into words how blown away I was by his knowledge and expertise. In addition to holding his interventionist certification, he is also a practicing LMFT! Eric is one of the coolest, most down to earth guys, I have ever met! After my clinician to clinician interview, I can say I highly recommend him without any hesitation! Keep up the amazing, life saving, work Eric!

    Michelle Rose

    If I could give Eric 6 stars I would! I have seen a handful of therapists over the years and I have never felt as comfortable and received as many useful and lasting tools that I have received from our sessions with him. Eric is a compassionate, caring person, who has a passion for the work that he does and it shows greatly. He helped my husband and I strengthen our communication and overall relationship. I dont know where we would be today without him.

    Tiffany Hall

    Your Marriage or relationship has become overwhelming or worse on the brink of divorce. Truly, I tell you to search no further because Eric is the educated, experienced, dedicated, most importantly Licensed therapist you need to save your marriage from divorce. Hopefully, it hasn’t come to that however statistics have shown by the time a person seeks professional advice it is last resort. This is why it is so vital to ensure you are choosing the correct therapist as it might be the only chance it has to survive. My advice is coming as a Licensed healthcare professional myself who has seen many therapist and Eric has surpassed over 10 years of them ten-fold! He has personally brought my marriage where it should have been in the beginning. He has a way of being an advocate for both while achieving step by step goals to enhance the understanding and communication needed and much more! One thing I read that is powerful, “marriage counseling isn’t expensive, divorce is expensive!”.

    Jacob Voelkel

    Eric is amazing. He is very easy to conversate with and does an excellent job. He helped one of my loved ones so much. He is extremely knowledgeable with regards to substance abuse and mental health. He is a pro at de-escalation. I would refer anyone to him. He’s the best.


    Eric is a master communicator and caring therapist. He’s not the stereotype that listens to you cry about your day, ask, “how does that make you feel?” then take your money. Eric is the real deal and will help facilitate you looking deeper into yourself and help do the work necessary to get results (if you really want it).
    My wife and I went to Eric for 3 years after I unexpectedly lost my job, fell into depression and our relationship was at a breaking point. His insights and methods got us on the same page, communicating and sharing what we really wanted from each other and for our life together. I haven’t been back to see him in a few years but not a day goes by that I don’t use what I learned in his office.

    Lauraine Fogarty

    Mr. Eric Rhinehart’s commitment to excellence and high standards of ethical practices makes this review so easy for me. If there were more than five stars to give him, I would.
    If you’re in need of any of his service, you should call him today. Don’t put it off another moment. He’s truly the best.

    Shawnette Thomas

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric for the past 7 years. He is one of the best therapist I’ve ever met. He establishes positive, trusting rapport with his clients. Eric has a strong sense of empathy and compassion to help his clients feel comfortable. He’s a great listener and communicator. Eric is able to think outside the box to create specific plans for his clients. If you are looking to make a change, I would highly recommend Eric. He is a very skilled therapist and will greatly contribute to helping you or your loved one improve their lives.

    Juli Greenwald

    Eric is such a good listener, kind, and compassionate. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, and at the same time he talks to you like a respected peer, not some stiff nerd. Over the time Eric and I worked together he offered invaluable advice on a gamut of subjects. He always remembers the names and events that you talked about in the last session, which showcases his interest in what you’re saying. I have referred many friends and acquaintances to him at this point and all of them have said they love working with him. If you’re looking for a genuine and authentic therapist who listens with compassion and gives you really sound advice he’s your guy!

    K Smith

    Eric is the man! My wife and I have been going to Eric for the past couple months now and will continue to do so until he tells us we have to leave 🙂
    I can finally say that our marriage is in that spot we always knew it could be.. Actually, beyond that spot.
    We’re always working, it’s constant work, but Eric is teaching us how to acquire the proper tools for a successful marriage.
    I was never for counseling.. I figured people just need to toughen up and figure it out, but being a man of faith I felt God telling me that I needed to experience a relationship with Eric and for that I am extremely grateful.
    My wife and I are communicating on a level we never have before, we’re parenting on a level we never have before, and we’re in love on a level I never thought was possible.
    I am so excited about our future and realize that Eric has played an integral part in our success.
    Eric is an amazing communicator and not afraid to call you on your bull. He’s a straight shooter that calls it like it is, but relays his message in a very caring manner.
    God puts people in your lives for a reason.. If you’re reading this and have any feelings of hopelessness or helplessness within your personal life, your relationships, your marriage, your parenting…. CALL ERIC! He has changed our lives forever.
    My wife and I look forward to opportunities to communicate and talk through things, and we’re very excited and determined to continue down a healthy path with some great tools in our boxes.

    Leslie Silver

    Eric is a fabulous clinician — insightful, affirming, effective. I have great trust and respect for Eric’s work, and I would recommend him to any individual or family. Leslie Silver, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

    Michael McGinnis (GoHP)

    Eric was masterful in making a great connection that was both influential and developed trust. He has a knack to make connections so that open and candid conversation can take place. Then he became a “guide on the side” to keep momentum moving forward and bring about lasting change. I am forever indebted to him for his help. Thank you Eric.

    Candis Inpirom

    I am super grateful for Eric. I found him during a time in my life when I was struggling through my relationship. I was comfortable right away and appreciated his calm, friendly demeanor. It can be difficult to seek out a therapist and sometimes scary, however, Eric does a great job of making you feel welcome and safe to open up. I book sessions from time to time to check in and most likely will continue to do that as I move forward in life.

    ray call

    Eric is easy to talk to. He listens intently to understand what I want from his sessions. Once he got to know me and my areas of needed improvement he made great suggestions for my growth. I felt like he really wanted to see me progress, and I am.

    Joanna Call

    Eric is such a good listener and allows you to speak until you are done without interrupting, making you feel thoroughly heard. Never have I have felt “less than” or as if I was meeting a stuffy old guy. I truly appreciates that he tries to relate/understand my point of view

    Kenneth Gooding

    Eric is a caring and qualified professional committed to supporting families. If you need of intervention call Eric!
    Highly recommend!